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If you’ve sustained injuries due to a slip and fall incident, where the negligence of another party led to your accident, you may have grounds to pursue compensation. Our proficient team of slip and fall attorneys stands ready to clearly explain your rights and explore avenues for seeking compensation for your losses. 

You might have questions regarding liability and the process of initiating a personal injury claim against accountable property owners. Whether your fall occurred on a commercial or residential premises due to another’s negligence, our team of slip and fall lawyers at 844-Don’t-Settle possess the expertise to assist you in constructing a robust legal case. With our knowledge and expertise, our team is committed to advocating for the compensation you rightfully deserve. Allow our team of dedicated fall accident lawyers to champion your cause and get the justice you deserve.

Sometimes the Unexpected Happens.

Unexpected accidents, especially those occurring on another individual’s property due to their negligence, can disrupt your life in various ways. When you set foot onto someone else’s premises, there’s an inherent expectation that the property owner will uphold a duty of care. However, when this responsibility is neglected, resulting in injury, the consequences can be multifaceted: mental, emotional, physical, and financial.

It’s common for property owners to contest liability, often asserting two primary defenses. First, they may claim ignorance of the hazard or insufficient time to address it. Second, they might allege that the victim bears some responsibility for the incident. Such assertions can lead victims to question their own culpability. However, it’s crucial not to be misled – taking action towards justice starts with 844-Don’t-Settle! 

Premise Liability Claims

Property owners and those who live or work in their buildings have a responsibility to keep the place safe. If they don’t, and someone gets hurt because of it, they can be held responsible. This could happen in places like restaurants, stores, or even someone’s home. Often, people end up with serious injuries, needing expensive medical care, losing money because they can’t work, becoming disabled, and feeling a lot of pain because of dangerous conditions on someone else’s property.

When someone hurt on someone else’s property takes legal action because the owner didn’t keep it safe, it’s called a premises liability claim. Your lawyer is ready to deal with all kinds of situations where property owners might be blamed for not being careful enough. Some common reasons people make these claims include:

  • Slippery or wet floors
  • Areas where the ground suddenly drops
  • Tricky areas that aren’t marked
  • Stairs, balconies, or outdoor areas that collapse
  • Poor lighting
  • Getting shocked or electrocuted
  • Problems with the structure of the building that the homeowner knows about
  • Holes that aren’t covered up
  • Fires or gas leaks
  • Not following building rules
  • Falling Objects
  • Heavy machines left unattended
  • Accidents on amusement park rides
  • Issues with elevators or escalators
  • Floors or paths that aren’t safe to walk on
  • Not enough supervision
  • Swimming pools or other water without fences
  • Cases where property owners fail to protect customer’s safety & security, and someone got hurt or killed because of violence.
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