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Following a motorcycle accident, the aftermath can be both physically and emotionally taxing. The burden of injury, compounded by financial instability and resistance from insurance companies, can exacerbate the stress you face.

844 Don’t Settle understands the multifaceted challenges you confront. Our team of attorneys have witnessed firsthand the toll these accidents take on individuals, encompassing physical, emotional, and financial realms.

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Committed to upholding the rights of our clients, we steadfastly pursue the maximum compensation available under the law for their injuries. Our unwavering dedication ensures that we fight relentlessly to secure every ounce of compensation you rightfully deserve.

Insurance companies, driven by profit motives, are typically reluctant to provide fair compensation to victims of motorcycle accidents. When an injured motorcyclist chooses to handle their case independently, they often find themselves at a disadvantage against insurance giants.Often times, the insurance adjusters attempt to exploit their lack of legal expertise and familiarity with the claims process.

In the aftermath of a motorcycle accident, securing the right legal representation is paramount. We connect you with seasoned motorcycle accident attorneys that possess the expertise necessary to navigate the unique complexities and obstacles inherent in cases involving bikers. For instance, perceptions of motorcycle speed among witnesses or jurors are often biased, influenced by preconceived notions about riders. Moreover, law enforcement accident reports tend to favor drivers of passenger cars, as they may rely heavily on statements from occupants of other vehicles. Often motorcyclists are unable to provide their account at the scene due to the severity of their injuries, typically necessitating immediate transport to the emergency room.

In such instances, having a knowledgeable legal advocate on your side can make all the difference in securing the compensation and justice you deserve.

Determining the Value of A Motorcycle Accident Claim

The compensation awarded to a motorcycle accident victim depends on various factors, including the specific details and context of the incident, the degree of liability, pertinent legal statutes and evidence, the jurisdiction in which the claim is pursued, as well as the perceived credibility and persuasiveness of witnesses before a jury, among other considerations.

Additionally, the extent and impact of the client’s injuries, both present and future medical expenses, along with the impact on their overall quality of life, level of pain and suffering endured, and any resulting temporary or permanent disabilities, further influence the compensation sought.

Depending on the circumstances, potential recoverable damages may include:

  • Reimbursement for past and future medical costs.
  • Compensation for lost wages.
  • Assessment of loss of earning capacity.
  • Coverage for property damage, including damage sustained by the motorcycle.
  • Compensation for pain and suffering.
  • Recognition of diminished enjoyment of life.
  • Possible punitive damages, subject to state statutes, in cases involving malicious or egregiously reckless behavior by the defendant.
  • Consideration of loss of consortium.
  • Acknowledgment of emotional distress.

Don’t Settle for Less! Navigating the complexities of these factors requires skilled legal guidance to ensure that accident victims receive the full and just compensation to which they are entitled. 

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